The NLS Framework

The negotiation language for NoiseSocket

The NLS (or NoiseLingoSocket) framework builds on the Noise Protocol Framework and the NoiseSocket encoding layer to provide a rich set of features for building complex protocols. Protocols based on NLS can negotiate their choice of Noise protocol, PSK, and transport phase options, and can also exchange evidence blobs for their static public keys (e.g. certificates).

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NoiseSocket introduction

Would you like to encrypt any and all TCP connections? With NoiseSocket, you can.

Not everything in the world of networking revolves around web browsers. There are many situations where TLS (Transport Layer Security) is overkill or simply not applicable. For example, in IoT (Internet of Things) implementing the full TLS stack is a challenge because of code size, CPU constraints, the number of TLS features a developer must support, and the complexity of provisioning devices during manufacturing.

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